Lauren J. Andrews


About the artist


About The Artist

Lauren first studied art at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut, then transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012. She now lives in New Orleans, where she works as a full-time studio artist.  When she isn't painting, you can find her selling art at Jackson Square or teaching watercolor at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Artist Statement

In my work, I try to capturing the presence and quality of a person or place, similar to the way that we see and remember things. Parts of the images are clear, precise, and detailed; parts are lost, washed out, and vague. I like to play with color, patterns, and spatial relationships to create unified images with patchwork parts, using passages of symbolism to interrupt the representational.

I primarily work with watercolor, because the medium moves in ways that make the painting process feel collaborative and untamed.



To get more insight into Lauren's life as a working artist, listen to her interview with Jenni Heffernan Brown on The Type A Creative!  They discuss Lauren's decision to jump into art full time, how she cultivates her creative practice, and the way she uses fear as a guide.